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With a range of accredited training courses covering First Aid, Health and Safety, Travel Awareness and Hostile Environments, we are able to prepare your team for any environment or project. Our friendly and approachable instructors have first-hand experience working in extreme environments around the world and are passionate about educating and empowering our clients.

We offer on-site training at your premises in the UK or overseas. We can also host courses at locations around the UK.

Employees with appropriate and well delivered training will form part of a robust risk mitigation strategy, no matter your industry. Quality training will defend your company and its employees from unnecessary risks.

Our courses include:

First Aid

Our First Aid training complies with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Approved Code of Practice guidelines for the qualification of workplace First Aiders.

Bespoke Medic

We will specifically prepare your team for their project anywhere in the world. Emphasis will be put on life-saving medical interventions as well as the difficulties of working in austere, remote and politically challenging environments.

Health and Safety

This course is open to qualified First Aiders at Work who need to update their training.

Travel Awareness

This tailored course provides the knowledge, skills and advice to stay safe while travelling, whether on business or for pleasure. We focus on remote and politically unstable regions of the world, but these skills are equally useful for more routine travel itineraries.

Security Consulting



Safety advising



Medical support