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Safety Advising

Organisations have a legal responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees and those who may be affected by their business. At Nomad Risk our Health and Safety team will work with your organisation to provide you with suitable and sufficient safety strategies in your workplace. Our health and safety strategies are in accordance with ISO 45001, and are based on years of experience in the safety industry. At Nomad Risk our Safety Advisors will provide your company with a range of services to ensure the safety and health of your staff.

Our services include:

Provision of Health and Safety Policy:

Nomad Risk will support your organisation in the development of a well-rounded and suitable Safety Policy, as legally required by organisations with more than five employees.

Risk Assessments:

Nomad Risk will work alongside your organisation’s personnel to produce documents that will highlight the specific hazards and risks associated with the work being performed. The measures required to control these risks will also be developed and documented.

Health and Safety Auditing:

Safety Advisors at Nomad Risk will work with your organisation to carry out Reviews of Safety Performance. Reviews of Safety Performance identify how effective the organisation’s Health and Safety Arrangements are in terms of its commitments within the Safety Policy.

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