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Our Approach

Nomad Risk delivers specialised services and training for organisations and individuals working in remote, austere and extreme environments. Based in London, UK, the team works with organisations across the globe, supporting them and advising them on their risk management strategies. Nomad Risk aims to enable organisations to succeed in their main business objectives, no matter the environment they choose to operate.

Nomad Risk works primarily with the television, film and corporate sectors and has provided organisations with bespoke risk management strategies on a variety of high-risk projects.

Nomad Risk specialises in providing support in the following areas:

    • Medical
    • Security
    • Health and Safety
    • Training

At Nomad Risk we are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Our role as Risk Management Consultants allows us to have a huge impact on whether clients are successful in their objectives. These are sometimes related to business and other times related to their childhood dreams, but always involve challenging problems that we work together to overcome. There is always an answer to the puzzle that will allow our clients to achieve their ambitions. Finding that answer is our passion.

Our team includes specialists who have received internationally recognised standards from across the UK. Our specialist Safety Advisers include both civilians and ex-military, all of whom have worked in dangerous and remote environments themselves.

Nomad Risk’s in-depth risk analysis and management skills will protect your employees, your project and enable you to achieve your goals. Our advice will significantly reduce the chances of your projects resulting in an incident, and will enable you to react appropriately if one does occur, thereby minimising your liability.

At Nomad Risk, we specialise in remote locations, areas of heightened security risk and hostile environments. We will provide Security Advisers, Health and Safety Advisers, Medics and Training depending on your requirements.

At Nomad Risk we regularly provide detailed Risk Management strategies for expeditions, production companies, corporate clients and individuals. We have a proven record managing risk in diverse environments around the globe; from the jungles of Central America to the deserts of Central Asia; the Arctic tundra to central London.

Our Team

Trevor Smith – Director

Trevor has a passion for adventure that has been with him throughout his life. Having served in the Royal Marines during the early part of his career, he has spent the last eight years looking after civilian teams in wild and remote locations around the world. He is a highly experienced and qualified Risk Management Consultant and a UK-registered Paramedic.

Trevor has experience managing the delivery of large-scale military projects and now works primarily with the media. He relishes passing on his experience and knowledge to teams, and inspiring others to fulfil their own adventures.

Based in London, Trev likes to keep fit for adventure by running, water sports and snowboarding.

Trevor Smith
James Ross

James Ross – Director

James has extensive experience supporting a range of projects all over the world, including exploratory mining, anti-poaching operations and TV / Film productions. With a military background he is now an experienced Risk Management Consultant and Safety Advisor. As a UK-registered Paramedic James specialises in expedition and remote area medical support.

James loves his job for the adventure it brings him, as well as the chance to work with incredible teams on amazing projects. The opportunity to provide support to projects in wild, remote and beautiful areas is not something he takes for granted.

He lives in Cornwall and enjoys surfing, spearfishing and has recently qualified for the French Mountain Rescue.

Dr Andy Brown MBE – Medical Director

Andy is a highly experienced expedition doctor, mountaineer and a passionate adventurer. He spent 17 years in the Royal Navy, mostly serving with the Royal Marines in extreme and austere environments and leading strategic and operational medical level planning for worldwide Naval operations. He is now an NHS GP and a tutor in Extreme Medicine at the University of Exeter.

Andy has extensive experience of remote medical provision with the military, the media and on numerous expeditions to mountain, polar, jungle, desert and maritime environments throughout the world, including the South Pole and Everest.

Andy lives in North Devon, is a qualified Winter and Alpine Mountain Leader and also enjoys paragliding, running and making cider.

Dr Andy Brown MBE – Medical Director
Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler

Kevin is a highly capable HCPC registered Paramedic, Security & Risk Management expert and Clinical Educator. Having served for 13 years in the Royal Marines as a Combat Medic and member of UK Special Forces, Kevin now spends his time working in UK Search & Rescue, providing support to media crews and teaching fellow clinicians at all levels of clinical education.

Kevin is an Associate Specialist Lecturer in Paramedic Science at Birmingham City University, a Resuscitation Council UK Advanced Life Support and European Paediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor, as well as a National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor.

Kev is passionate about clinical education and the outdoors and is currently working towards the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care with the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

David Moseley

David is a practising UK-registered Paramedic with extensive experience working within the clinically complex pre-hospital environment. As a former Royal Marine Commando, he is outgoing and ambitious. David has a passion for learning and adventure having studied primary health care and more recently remote area medicine.

David is a seasoned explorer and has ventured to a diverse range of locations, including recent expeditions to East Africa, the Middle East and the jungles of Brunei. His combination of medical and security experience has developed a multidisciplinary skillset, which is valuable to a variety of organisations.

Currently living in Dorset, Dave is an avid fan of fitness and outdoor activities.

David Moseley
Matthew James

Matthew James

Matthew has a love for the outdoors and adventure, themes that are echoed throughout his career to date. During his time as a Royal Marine Commando Matthew gained experience on numerous deployments, including to jungle, desert and mountain environments. He is a trusted Risk Management Consultant, having advised on anti-piracy for the global shipping industry.

Matthew is a qualified UK-registered Paramedic, and his extensive experience has led him to the role of Paramedic Educator within his NHS trust. Matthew loves the challenge of his job and has a drive to deliver first class medical care and knowledge.

Matt lives in Hertfordshire and enjoys the opportunity of new challenges as well as hiking, rugby and swimming.

Kevin Brown

Kevin, an extrovert by nature with a passion for the great outdoors, served on multiple deployments in the British Army as an infanteer, junior commander and medic. Subsequently Kevin used his experience and knowledge to advise high level corporate clients on their security while working in extreme conflict-affected areas of the the Middle East. He is an experienced close protection operative, offering security, medical and logistical support to his clients both domestically and abroad.

Kevin works for the ambulance service as a frontline Paramedic, trainer and mentor. He is passionate about helping others, and dedicated to the training and development of his peers. His thirst for continual development ensures he is always prepared for the challenges that his varied roles offer him.

Kev enjoys fitness and kayaking amongst other water sports.

Kevin Brown
Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston

Andy has worked in emergency medicine for the last 10 years as both a senior nurse and now as an advanced practitioner in a major trauma centre. Currently, Andy is a finishing a masters in advanced clinical practice, specialising in emergency medicine. He is also an independent prescriber.

Andy mentors doctors, nurses and allied health providers within his own department due to his wealth of clinical experience. He also provides instruction to military and police units in several fields, and is passionate about imparting his experience on others.

As an avid outdoorsman, Andy thrives when bringing his knowledge and expertise to expedition and austere environments.

Harry Bannister

Working full time in the NHS, Harry has spent a number of years working in a major trauma centre, specialising in neurological and traumatic critical care nursing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he has used his critical care and teaching backgrounds to train healthcare staff redeployed to NHS Nightingale. He is also a UK Resuscitation Council Advanced Life Support instructor.

Alongside his civilian life, Harry is a member of the RAF Reserves participating regularly in medical and military training.

Currently based in London, Harry enjoys activities such as snowboarding, bouldering and immersing himself in foreign cultures when away from home.

Harry Bannister