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Medical Support

Nomad risk provides industry-leading medical support in any environment. When working in remote, austere and extreme locations an employer’s number one concern is the wellbeing of their staff. Nomad Risk Safety Advisors are all highly trained and experienced medics who will ensure the health, safety and welfare of all those working on location.

At Nomad Risk, medical provision is an integral part of a well-rounded risk management strategy. We provide organisations with qualified staff to support their medical requirements in any environment. Our medics are experienced in providing care in politically unstable and conflict-affected areas, as well as remote and austere environments. Our highly-trained professionals maintain their clinical skills on frontline service within the UK healthcare setting.

Our services include:

Medical Support in the UK and Overseas

  • Support for UK-based projects where additional medical support is required
  • Deployable medics who will join teams on overseas projects to improve their medical provision where necessary
  • Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Care
  • Remote and Austere Medical Care

UK-Registered Healthcare Professionals

  • Doctors | Paramedics | Nurses | Remote Medics
  • Advanced Life Support | Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

Medical Assessment Plan

  • Medical Screening
  • Health Briefings
  • Recommendations on Medical Facilities
  • Medical Evacuation Plans
  • Medical Kits
  • Training

Telemedicine Service

Working in remote, hazardous or infrastructure depleted environments presents unique challenges. Common amongst these is the reduced or non-existent medical provision. In these situations, relatively minor injuries can become significant and potentially life-threatening.

Nomad offers a dedicated doctor-level telemedicine service, which will be on call 24 hours a day while you are on your project. This service is critical in delivering the optimum patient care and the best outcomes for your team.

Telemedicine will enable you to benefit from qualified doctor level decision making remotely in order to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. This allows us to select from a wider range of treatments and use them appropriately and effectively in the field under the guidance of our telemedicine team.

Nomad telemedicine doctors are experienced at working in extreme environments, and can offer highly specific expert advice to your team when dealing with patients in difficult locations.

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Medical support