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Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all our lives as well as wide sectors of the economy. Unfortunately, the threat from the virus does not seem to have dissipated, and is likely continue to shape the ways we do business for the foreseeable future.
Learning to live, operate and create a successful business in this 'new normal' will be a vital part of any organisations risk management process for the short, medium and potentially long term.

Nomad Risk's COVID Safety Team can reduce the risk COVID-19 has on your business.
Through a number of different services, including training of staff, COVID-specific Risk Assessments and provision of COVID supervisors in the workplace, Nomad Risk will ensure that your organisation is fully prepared and able to deal with the COVID threat.

Our COVID services include:


We will run 'return to work' training sessions to ensure that all members of staff are up to date with workplace protocols. These will have been developed by Nomad Risk in consultation with your organisation and based on current best practice guidelines.

We will train specific members of staff to be COVID supervisors within your organisation.
These individuals will have added responsibility for ensuring compliance with your COVID workplace protocols.


Our experienced team of Health and Safety advisors will assess the level of risk posed by COVID and to whom. Appropriate controls for these risks will then be generated in consultation with your organisation and based upon current best practice guidelines. We base our advice on the well established 'hierarchy of hazard controls'; Eliminate, Substitute, Isolate, Control, and finally PPE.

Our advisers will provide guidance on how to implement these controls in practice.


Nomad Risk is able to provide COVID Supervisors for your organisation. All Nomad COVID supervisors are fully registered medical professionals (including nurses and paramedics) who have experience dealing with COVID patients in a frontline setting.

This service is designed to further support an organisations ability to maintain compliance with its own COVID safety protocols such as COVID testing regimes, social distancing, movement flows, enhanced cleaning regimes and PPE.